The?ECO???Range is designed specifically for Single and Dual stage DX (Direct Expansion) Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

The Single stage Smartcool? unit is very simply for a single stage DX system, for example a small ? medium cold room or freezer, a small ? medium AC system with one compressor that has one stage of control.

The Dual Stage Smartcool? Unit

The Dual Stage Smartcool? unit is used for similar types of systems that are slightly larger in capacity and have up to 2 stages of control, typically dual compressor Air-conditioning and refrigeration system, in some scenarios you can also have a single compressor with 2 stages of control (Screw or recip compressors with an unloader)

These systems typically provide our clients with an average of?15% Energy savings?above and beyond what their current systems are providing, supplied in a ready to install kit covering ALL items required to complete the installation, a single channel unit is normally installed within 1.5hrs and a dual stage unit within 2hrs, during the installation process the system is only turned off for approximately 10 ? 15mins for final interfacing , once a system is installed and the correct verification process is completed you will be achieving savings with in 30mins.

After the initial install is completed the ECO?? will continually learn the operation of the existing system and adjust is intelligent optimisation control relative to the performance of the existing unit, thus providing you the greatest savings possible year round.

ECO?? Customer Benefits

  • Digital display to show savings being achieved
  • Integrates seamlessly into most single and dual stage air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Can be placed in bypass to demonstrate savings between ON and OFF modes, auto returns to save mode
  • Continuously dynamically analysing and improving compressor cycling
  • Simple wall mount installation with IP64 rating for outdoor use
  • Individually tailored solutions for their own specific needs
  • Measureable energy and cost savings
  • A quick payback on investment (1.5 -3 years)
  • Maintains temperature performance.
  • Compatible with the majority of existing equipment and controls
  • Verifiable reduction of compressor run time and operating costs
  • ?real time? sensing with dynamic compressor controls
  • do not affect operation or cause over-cycling
  • Quickly and easily installed with minimal downtime
  • No risk to current equipment or contents
  • can be manually bypassed at any time
  • ECO?? suitable for outdoors (IP64)
  • Independently tested globally by leading bodies including the stringent ?ecospecifier?
  • proven to deliver verifiable electricity consumption (kWh) Reductions and maximum demand (kVA) reductions of Air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

Not only does the ECO?? provide Energy savings through it optimized control, it can also provide clients with Peak Demand reductions. The Smartcool? optimisation protocol has been monitored and verified to provide Peak demand savings of up to 14% per compressor, however through the implementation in several demand reduction and demand managements projects when the Smartcool? units are deployed in multiple numbers the demand savings opportunity can increase significantly.

This is not a simple time clock, it is an intelligent optimisation with the ability to react and adapt its control, reactive to system performance, ensuring savings are achieved through seasonal change, system load and mechanical performance changes or alterations. Depending on the installation process and client goals the Smartcool? unit also has the intelligence to know when there is a scenario where your system need full control and when there is no opportunity to provide savings, this may be in full load conditions or a possible mechanical issue. The Smartcool? unit simply removes its optimisation functionality and allows the incumbent control system to operate the unit to achieve the desired conditions, once conditions are achieved the Smartcool? unit can again start learning the operation and optimise the unit control accordingly. By having this intelligence integrated within the Smartcool? unit, should for whatever reason there be an issue with the Smartcool? unit, it will fail safe or isolate itself from the control loop and allow the system to operate with no Smartcool? influence what so ever.