The ESM Range is designed specifically for tailored solutions. These are generally referred to as our engineered solutions, being a modular
System it allows us to tailor a specific combination to maximise the client’s savings potential.

The scope of combinations, allows us to offer verified solutions to cover a Massive market.


Systems allow tailored Switched solutions for:

  • Complex and mission critical 2 stage AC or refrigeration DX units
  • Large multi stage DX AC or refrigeration system (2 stages to 8 stages)
  • Rack Refrigeration and freezer systems


Systems allow tailored Intelligent solutions for:

  • This system is designed to deliver comprehensive savings and optimisation to the most complex of systems including chillers (large Commercial central plant systems? for Air conditioning and refrigeration)
  • These systems are generally chilled water or ammonia based systems found in large commercial buildings, Hotel, Shopping Centres, Health facilities and Manufacturing facilities.
  • Wether the system is controlled VIA BMS (Building management system) or even if the system adopts a floating set point control strategy for plant and/or system optimisation or the system is a standalone chiller with basic local control within the chiller itself. Smartcool can provide a tailored solution for ALL chiller configurations to deliver 10% – 20% savings dependant on your system configuration.

Whilst most modern systems and BMS controlled systems are by far more efficient than older style systems, with the advancement in plant and building optimisation strategies in the modern day control solutions, Smartcool’s unique approach and application allow the integration of our solution in to these systems to further optimise above and beyond what the current controls are doing.? By tailoring our world leading Compressor optimisation process we are able to focus on the one thing that consumes the most amount of energy in your HVAC/R system.

If your BMS and chiller controls are harmoniously synchronised and optimising your total system this will allow Smartcool to maximise your savings potential, whilst systems operating in a normal or acceptable running operation will deliver significant savings, we are still able to provide this outcome even with the latest and greatest technology and equipment already installed.

Smartcool ESM?

  • Operates directly with the existing controls in series with most HVAC/R systems including local, BMS and PLC controls
  • Each system is a tailored solution to your requirements from simple Package unit and refrigeration systems to the most complex chiller systems
  • Verifiable reduction of operating costs and energy consumption.

Not only does the ESM? provide Energy savings through it optimized control, it can also provide clients with Peak Demand reductions. The Smartcool? optimisation protocol has been monitored and verified to provide Peak demand savings of up to 14% per compressor, however through the implementation in several demand reduction and demand managements projects when the Smartcool? units are deployed in multiple numbers the demand savings opportunity can increase significantly.

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