How does HQAir work?

HQAir offers a simple solution to sanitise any internal space, air and surfaces within the area. Utilising standalone or existing air delivery systems, such as air-conditioning ducts, HQAir works 24/7 to kill germs and bacteria safely and with 99.99% effectiveness.

Utilising nature’s own sanitisers, a combination of ions and hydroxyls, the HQAir process works in two ways to sanitise the environments into which it is distributed:

1. HQAir’s system incorporates Hybrid Ionic Generator Technology (HIGT) which creates ions and Hydroxyls internally,  treating the air circulating through the reaction chamber by exposing it to massive quantities of ions and hydroxyl radicals. The combination of ions and hydroxyls are the most powerful and rapid method of treatment for all pathogens, including COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces in the area to be treated.

2. It then distributes ions and hydroxyls by forced air movement either from within it’s own unit or through existing air-conditioning systems. These  energetic molecules exit the distribution system and are dispersed throughout the environment. They are then able to contact and sanitise pathogens, odours and spores both in the air and to those that have settled on surfaces such as soft-furnishings, work surfaces, computer terminals, tables, chairs, carpets, drapes, and clothing, etc.

Both mechanisms are extremely effective, however to ensure the best results an adequate concentration of reactive molecules outside of the distribution unit needs to be maintained. For this reason, we recommend configuring the solution to match your volume of space and potential contamination.

HQAir units can be connected to existing air-conditioning units without decommissioning the system or affecting its performance. This is the most efficient use of an existing delivery system, which is already designed to deliver the volume of hydroxyl-treated air required to be effective in a specific area.

The combination of the HQAir system, operating continuously in tandem with best-practice wipe-down and cleaning procedures, presents a robust sanitisation protocol – better than either method can offer independently.

The ability of the HQAir system to drop out and neutralise virus particles comparable to COVID-19, has been verified extensively and independently. While it is not possible to perform tests on COVID-19 single-stranded RNA (samples are controlled), data supporting the neutralisation of comparable recognized surrogate viruses is a proven alternative approach.