Little Miracles childcare group

Hydroxyl technology within childcare group

Little Miracles was founded by Rob & Susanna Bateman in 2004 in Central Coast NSW, it now has 10 centres with an eleventh under construction.

At Little Miracles, Every child is completely unique and full of untapped potential. At Little Miracles we love seeing each and every child in our care grow and develop, believe in who they are and have plenty of fun along the way!


2015 – Installed in Point Clare facility to deal with an odour issue that was otherwise unresolvable.

2015 – Installed in Point Clare facility to deal with an odour issue that was otherwise unresolvable.

2020 – Jan – Installed in every room of centre in Tuggerah, NSW in order to analyse impact on Covid and other transmissible bugs.

2021 March – Ordered for the baby rooms in 3 other centres – At that time their board was split on the value proposition of installing for all their sites..

2021 September – A positive contact entered the venue and was infectious with Covid19 for 2 days while at the Tuggerah Site. All Staff and children were tested initially and restested 7 days later and there was no transmission events . This was attributed to having the right processes in place along with the Hydroxyl Technology.

2021 October – Rolled out to all their 10 Centres – in every room.

Quotes from Owner (Rob Bateman)

  • Why did you initially look at the Hydroxyl technology? “My main concern was looking for a way to reduce germs in the centre for both children and staff”
  • What has been the reaction from your staff? “they have appreciated the reduction in odoour from the nappy change areas”
  • What are you overall process to ensure the centre is safe? “We make sure we do daily cleaning plus following all the recommended Covid procedures”
  • What helped you roll HQAir out to all your venues? “The fact that none of our 49 staff and 150 children contracted covid despite being exposed for 2 days while the covid positive case was infectious”
  • What do you think is the most important thing going forward for Childcare centres now we are starting to “Live with Covid”? “To provide a clean environment where germs are extinguished using clean air technology such as the HQAir system.”