Nature’s Most Powerful Oxidants – The Atmospheric Hydroxyl

A hydroxyl free radical is created from ambient water and multi-frequency UV.

Hydroxyls react with almost all organic chemicals that make up the polluted air that we breathe and kills micro organisms like bacteria, moulds, viruses and allergens.

Hydroxyls restore the balance in Nature’s air so that is it safe and healthy to breathe. Without it our air would be essentially unbreathable. Because it is formed in a very high energy process, hydroxyls are able to abstract a hydrogen atom from almost any organic chemical. It is also able to disrupt the cell membrane of micro organisms to leak out their fluid called lysing.

We have evolved symbiotically with hydroxyls. Our skin and mucosa are impervious and actually benefit by having them present.

They act as a natural bactericide.

Hydroxyls are what allow us to remain healthy and enjoy the natural outdoors. We also benefit from Hydroxyls ability as an antioxidant.

Hydroxyls have an oxidative potential second only to that of elemental Fluorine. It is such a potent oxidant yet healthy and safe to breathe. The byproducts are safe elements like carbon dioxide and water.