Why OHAir?

Removes 99.99% of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from air and surfaces within one hour

The OHAir Hydroxyl technology has been extensively tested against DNA / RNA based viruses (the approach used in FDA approved testing) – demonstrating that OHAir is effective against a full range of viruses, no matter their protective lipid sheaths. These viruses are a surrogate for COVID-19 – making OHAir a fast and effective treatment solution to this virus.

OHAir is the only technology available that can actively reduce the viral contamination in occupied spaces, reducing the risk of cross contamination. The difference being that the air does not need to pass through the unit – it projects safe treatment throughout the entire space.

OHAir technology has also been through FDA’s rigorous safety and efficacy testing where it provided consistant results of > 99.99% reduction in virus, bacteria and mould within 2-3 hours.


Pictured: FDA testing of MS2 virus, a surrogate for COVID-19. The MDU testing showed a level of efficacy of 99% (2 log reduction) in contamination within 15 to 30 minutes – an exceptionally fast treatment rate. Overall the system achieved a 4 -5 log reduction (99.99% and 99.999%) within two hours – far exceeding FDA standards.

Extensive laboratory testing to FDA standards

OHAir incorporates Odorox® technology, which uses a safe and efficient process based on a specially designed ultra-violet globe to mimic the effect of the sun, creating hydroxyls over a large area. It literally cleans the air you’re breathing – and sterilises surfaces to ensure a healthy environment.


Portable or fixed systems

OHAir MySpace


Dimensions (cm):
36(w) x 12(d) x 30(h)

Power usage:

Inbuilt fan:

Room size:
2 x models - Up to 30m2 & up to 60m2.

Dust pre-filter

Number of HGU’s / lifespan:
1 x 12,000hours

Home/Office – small to medium space – standalone only

Touch and WiFi interface



Dimensions (cm):
32(w) x 74(d) x 410(h)

Power usage:

Inbuilt fan:

Room size:
Up to 300m2

Up to 0.8m3/s or 1600cfm (No HEPA). Air flow limited by HEPA when installed.

Number of HGU’s / lifespan:
5 (high power) x 12,000 hours
Up to 10x oxidant output of single unit

Large spaces, decontamination, air purification. Stand alone or installed in HVAC system.

RS485 MODBUS with options of auto-configuration concentrator (4 units/20 optics per link) with WiFi (MODBUS-Ethernet, MQTT, HTTP) or RS485 concentration (MODBUS 20 optics to a single set of registers)


The Hydroxyl Generation Unit (HGU) has a 12,000 hour lifespan – or approximately 1.3 years at 24/7 operation – and is easily replaced with minimal cost or disruption.


What's a hydroxyl?

Hydroxyls are naturally-occurring ‘radicals’ that can break apart almost any molecule including volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are often referred to as “the detergent of the sky”, keeping the air breathable and able to support human and other life forms. They are created in the upper atmosphere by the reaction of UV light with water and ozone.

In outdoor rural areas, hydroxyls are constantly replenished to a steady state of between 22-26/parts per billion (ppb) by the suns ultraviolet light . Outdoors in a polluted city, or in an indoor environment, the level of hydroxyls is zero. Producing hydroxyls in indoor living and working areas is intended to significantly improve air quality. “Fresher” air is safer and healthier.

Is this proven technology?

The application of hydroxyls to cleanse indoor environments by eliminating viruses and bacteria, removing mould and odours, has been well established for decades and extensively tested by leading independent laboratories, as well as field-testing within specific controlled environments. The unique feature of OHAir® Technology is that it continually generates a constant stream of hydroxyls within an indoor environment. Click here for more information.

Does it dry, cool or heat the air?

No – Although the air emitting from the vent is cool, OHAir does not dehumidify, cool or heat the air.

I already have air conditioning – why do I need OHAir?

Air conditioners adjusts the temperature; OHAir hydroxyl technology improves the quality of the air, “sanitising” the indoor environment in your workplace or home by generating hydroxyls.

How does it differ from an air conditioner or a dehumidifier?

The unit produces hydroxyls that cleanse indoor air and surfaces from pathogens. It does not regulate temperature or humidity.

Is it safe for pets or kids?

Yes, It improves air quality and reduces the transmission of pathogens by eliminating them in room air and on surfaces. Humans and animals have evolved with hydroxyls within the natural environment.

Is the technology safe for use in health environments like clinics, hospitals and childcare facilities?

Yes – OHAir plays a significant role in the reduction of the transmission of bacteria and viruses, and the technology is currently being utilised by a wide variety of health and care environments. The technology is currently undergoing trials in hospitals globally as is stands to play an active role in providing significant reduction in the presence of virus and other pathogens. The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) certified the technology in 2015 as an air sterilant.

Will it affect plants?

OHAir has a positive affect on plants. Trials have shown that OHAir® technology improves the condition and lifespan of indoor plants.

Are there any negative health effects?

No. Atmospheric hydroxyls occur naturally and have no negative impact on humans, animals or plants.

Does it create carbon emissions?

Only through the use of electricity. The OHAir® unit only emits safe levels of oxidants that have been thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety, as it is reproducing a process that occurs naturally in the atmosphere.

Does the unit need to remain on all the time?

It’s up to you. To generate a constant stream of hydroxyls you need to have the unit on. Once you turn it off the production of hydroxyls cease. It is a personal preference dependent on the application.

How long does it take to make the room healthy?

OHAir is demonstrated to be effective in less than one hour for virus and other aerosolised pathogens. The standard time is 6-10 hours within a room of 15 square metres for the smallest hydroxyl unit. It may take longer when there is heavy contamination. However, once the room is ‘cleansed’ it will remain so while the unit is operating.

How will I know if the system is having an effect?

You will notice that the quality of your indoor air has improved, is ‘fresher’, and there will be a noticeable reduction of odours.
The higher the level of VOC’s (including artificial air fresheners and deodorisers) the stronger the ‘oxidising’ scent will be noticed whilst the hydroxyl unit does its job. Once these substances are broken down and eliminated, this odour too will subside.

Does the hydroxyl process emit any odour while its operating?

Hydroxyls, as with other oxidants, such as ozone, themselves cannot be detected by the human nose. Any odour created is from the chemical process of the hydroxyls breaking down the toxins present in the room.

How much noise does it make?

The OHAir MySpace single lamp hydroxyl unit makes 38-50 decibels (DB) at one metre, less noise than a fan or standard air conditioner. OHAir® technology is quiet – in fact, many customers have units in family sleeping areas.

How much power does it use?

The OHAir MySpace (1 lamp) use about the same amount of electricity as a 30-watt light bulb. The MDU5 unit uses 250 watts and the larger installations use a modest relative amount of energy.

What models are available?
The portable (MySpace) and duct-mounted (MDU5) units are our standard models. We are continuing to develop new features and other models for more specific markets, these developments will incorporate improvements made based on customer feedback where practicable.
Does it have filters that need to be cleaned?

It has a washable dust filter that should be cleaned once a month, depending on the level of contamination in the room, to ensure the cleanliness of the HGU. This filter is only used to prevent relatively large dust particles from entering the unit and potentially degrading the HGU performance, it is not intended as a fine particle dust filter.

How often do I need to replace the Hydroyl Generation Unit (HGU)?

You need to replace the Hydroxyl Generation Unit (HGU) after about 12,000 hours of operation, or approximately 1.3 years on 24/7 operation. The unit will indicate when you need to replace the HGU with a “tube expired” message in the information panel.

What’s the warranty?

Both types of units come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. In either case the HGU has a one year warranty.

Where can I get it serviced?

You can arrange servicing by contacting us or an authorised distributor. Either an onsite service or a ‘back to base’ service will be organised.

Why do I need OHAir?

OHAir technology provides a cleaner healthier indoor environment for home, work and public spaces. It significantly reduces the risk of airborne contaminates within an indoor environment and unlike other products does not introduce chemicals such as ethanol, ammonia or chlorine into the room.

Does it reduce allergies and asthma?

Customers report noticeable improvement in these conditions, likely due to improved air quality and the removal of a wide array of  potential irritants such as mould.