Smartcool’s ECO³™ achieves cost cutting energy efficiency with no risk to existing equipment, operating conditions or comfort.

The ECO³™ interfaces with existing controls and equipment. Installation is quick and reliable.

Smartcool’s ECO³™ is an energy efficiency retrofit product used by the compressor in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R). The ECO³™ achieves savings using intelligent cycle optimization technology.

Generally suited to packaged units starting at 15kW, ROI payback is 2 to 3 years.

Smartcool’s ESM is an advanced energy efficiency retrofit product that can save up to 40% kWh energy on compressor operation in even the most complex air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC-R).

Energy savings by the ESM are achieved using the compressor optimization strategy most appropriate for the existing equipment. As a modular product, the ESM is customized for each installation, giving it complete compatibility with a wide range of equipment and controls.

The ESM improves the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial cooling systems like:

  • Refrigeration racks or packs
  • Single and multi-compressor air conditioning systems
  • Chillers or chilled line systems
  • Process cooling system

One (1) ECO³™ was installed onto a 44kW ActronAir packaged unit in the Bishop St depot.

ACR data loggers were installed to measure the energy consumption and room temperature. The data loggers were installed a week before commissioning of the ECO³™ and then measured the week following of the installation.

We have validated savings of 14.1%, which is 30kWh per day, with no effect on the internal temperatures.

This equated to a ROI of 1.5 years.

The below graph compares the energy consumption and internal temperature for the 2 week comparison.