How Smartcool?Reduces Your Bill

SmartCool boasts 2 of the world’s leading HVAC/R energy efficiency products.

After a system assessment the most effective module is selected for installation between the primary HVAC/R controller and the compressor to achieve savings.

Without going in too deep with technical specifications, here’s how either unit can reduce your energy consumption?by an average of 12% to 15%?and the general cooling related costs.

Smartcool Dynamic Compressor Optimisation

Continual monitoring of the existing control operation of the system, the Smartcool technology learns how the systems cycles relative to the load. This unique learning knowledge and functionality of the Smartcool systems allows the compressors to operate in the most efficient way possible relative to the load on the system.

Rather than your compressor?s cycles being an ON/OFF or stepped load reaction to a pre-set temperature range, with the Smartcool system installed, we leave the existing control functionality completely intact so we still work within the same present temperature range relative to the same set point. We simply operate the compressor cycles in a more intelligent manor, maximising the possible energy savings without affecting the internal aircon conditions.

SmartCool provides a new level of intelligent predictive and learning control, rather than a pre-set reactive control.

We analyse, improve and optimize your HVAC&R systems.

Smartcool’s ECO?? achieves cost cutting energy efficiency with no risk to existing equipment, operating conditions or comfort.

The ECO?? interfaces with existing controls and equipment. Installation is quick and reliable.

Smartcool’s ECO?? is an energy efficiency retrofit product used by the compressor in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R). The ECO?? achieves savings using intelligent?cycle optimization?technology.

Generally suited to packaged units starting at 15kW, ROI payback is 1.5 to 3 years.

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Smartcool’s ESM is an advanced energy efficiency retrofit product that can save up to 40% kWh energy on compressor operation in even the most complex air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC-R).

Energy savings by the ESM are achieved using the compressor optimization strategy most appropriate for the existing equipment. As a modular product, the ESM is customized for each installation, giving it complete compatibility with a wide range of equipment and controls.

The ESM improves the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial cooling systems like:

  • Refrigeration racks or packs
  • Single and multi-compressor air conditioning systems
  • Chillers or chilled line systems
  • Process cooling system
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One (1) ECO?? was installed onto a 44kW ActronAir packaged unit in the Bishop St depot.

ACR data loggers were installed to measure the energy consumption and room temperature. The data loggers were installed a week before commissioning of the ECO?? and then measured the week following of the installation.

We have validated savings of 14.1%, which is?30kWh per day, with no effect on the internal temperatures.

This equated to a ROI of 1.5 years.

The below graph compares the energy consumption and internal temperature for the 2 week comparison.