Study on the Effect of a MySpace Hydroxyl Generator on a Staphylococcus Aureus infection.

WARNING – Some images of wounds may be distressing

By: Novus Coeptus – South Africa

The objective is to demonstrate the use and effects of a MySpace Hydroxyl Generator on a person who had a severe Staphylococcus Aureus infection in an open wound.

A Brief History:
Allow me to introduce you to Chris Moolman. He is 58 years old.

Chris Moolman

He is married, has children and grandchildren.He is a Blue Collar middle-class man, the Head Diesel Mechanic for a transport company and quite successful.
This is what he looked like before his second heart attack. He was a smoker and enjoyed life.

In August 2015 Chris had a severe heart attack, the second in ten years. This resulted in him needing a second triple bypass surgery, which was done at the Eugene Marais hospital in Pretoria, South Africa on the 24th August 2017.

The surgery was successful and the wound in Chris’s chest healed well. Soon however, he experienced pain, swelling in the chest area, developed a fever and felt very ill.

At the hospital, the Drs told him that he had picked up a serious infection and they would need to drain the swelling, which turned out to be pus and other fluids.

Lab tests confirmed that Chris had a Staphylococcus type infection and that the particular strain had been identified as HA-MRSA (Hospital Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

Surgery was necessary and a debridement had to be done to remove necrotic and infected tissue, and bone including the Sternum and some of the rib cartilage.

A plastic implant was done to augment the rib cage structural strength, but this proved also to be unsuccessful and the implants later had to be removed due to tissue rejection.

This time the wound had to be left open so that the wound could drain. The wound remained infected and in due course became much worse.

The Drs that treated Chris eventually told him that he should seek help elsewhere as they had no more solutions, and subsequently Chris thought that nothing more could be done for him except to receive palliative care at home, such as wound care, and hoping it didn’t eventually become fatal.

Eventually, during June/July of 2017, a Suction Device was attached to his wound to aid in draining it of fluids.
Chris’ condition deteriorated over time for the following two years until Petrus Theron (from Novus Coeptus) met Chris.

The Scenario at the Time of the Delivery of the MySpace Unit to Chris’ home:
– When Petrus met Chris, Chris was on Cloxin 1000mg 3x per day. He also used other medication for heart support.
– Chris received home care but a wound nurse changed the wound dressings twice a week.
– Chris was also attached to the suction machine and about 2L of pus was drained daily until the suction machine was removed.
– The wound was cleaned at home daily by Amelia, Chris’ wife, with Hydrogen Peroxide, and dressed with colloidal silver dressings.
– The wound nurse used a colloidal silver dressing type to aid in healing and she also had to care for the suction machine.

On the 27th July, the wound was necrotic and exuded a huge stench which permeated the house and yard to such an extent that anyone who stayed in the house found the smell unbearable.

Visitors also avoided the house due to the stench.

Chris’ house lies next to a main road and also next to a scrap yard, so there are all kinds of other additional odourous pollutants such as smoke and other industrial smells in the air and in Chris’ house.

Chris and his wife are both smokers and they also have dogs that have the run of the house, adding to the noxious mixture.

Due to the lack of rib cartilage and the sternum, the chest wound opened and closed while Chris breathed, exposing his chest cavity to these pollutants and every other kind of germ.

On the 26th of July 2017, Petrus met Chris’ family and after introducing the OHair Myspace Hydroxyl Generator, it was decided to implement certain strategies to find out what effects the MySpace Hydroxyl would have on Chris’ situation.
Therefore, on 31st of July, a MySpace unit was delivered to Chris at his home in Claremont, Pretoria.

Chronology of Events from 27th July until 14 October 2017:

On the 1st of August 2017 Chris received the OHair MySpace Hydroxyl Generator and was immediately switched on to purify the air. The process of air purification is explained a little later.

Figure 1 – 31/7/2017

In Figure 1. we see the extent of the Staphylococcus Aureus infection and the general inflammation and sepsis of the wound.

At this point Chris already felt very ill for many months. He had been at home on sick leave for several moths and very little sick leave remained at his disposal.

Figure 2 – suction device

A battery-powered Suction Device was attached to Chris’ wound as is illustrated in Figure 2. and dressed with a waterproof dressing.

Due to Chris’ Medial Aid being almost depleted, the suction machine was removed on the 4th of August 2107 and the dressing were switched from water tight dressings to Omnifix.

Every day after cleansing the wound, Amelia emptied the Suction Device cannister. The contents were cloudy and had a hugely offensive stink.

After suction and cleaning, the wound did look better over time, but Chris complained a lot about the discomfort and pain caused by the Suction device, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. After Suction and Cleaning
Figure 4. Drained Fluids

On the evening of the 1st August, the MySpace Hydroxyl Generator was switched on. By the evening of the 2nd August, all the smells in the home had almost completely disappeared due to the air purifying action of the Myspace.

The contents of the Suction Cannister indicated that although the amount of drainage was decreasing, the wound itself was not healing, as shown in Figure 4.

On the 1st of August Chris was also given THC Cannabis oil as a strong anti-inflammatory and painkiller, and CBD Cannabis oil to manage anti-biotic resistant infections. The Cannabis was not part of his medical prescription, but was given to Chris due to its capabilities in combating pain and inflammation to aid the present medication.

Dosage for the CBD oil 3 drops 3x daily and the THC oil was a third of the size of a grain of rice also 3x daily.

On Friday the 4th of August, the Suction was removed and the dressings replaced with Omnifix, a wound dressing that breathes.

On the same day Chris had to return to work as all his sick leave had been used. He wanted to avoid having to go on unpaid leave.

On the same day Chris also contracted an Upper-Respiratory Infection and was booked off.

The Dr expressly ordered him to stay in bed for the whole week-end. This meant that Chris was exposed to the air purifying action of the Myspace for the whole weekend. In addition, his Omnifix dressing was able to breathe, so the air purifying action could penetrate the wound dressing.

On the 7th of August Amelia reported that there was a significant improvement in the condition of the wound after having cleaned it. This was ascribed to the exposure of the wound to the MySpace even though there was a dressing on the wound.

Figure 5. 7th August 201

As we see in Figure. 5, a change for the better in the condition of the wound was visible in the way it looked and smelled after it had been cleaned.

Chris also mentioned that he had started feeling much better than he had for almost 2 years. He also mentioned that there were no odours in the rest of house and even the yard outside.

Figure 6. 8th August 2017

In fact, Chris mentioned that even though the wound was right under his nose, he could not smell it at all. He ascribed the lack of odours to the MySpace unit.

On the 8th of August the Medical Aid suspended all help and treatment due to the depletion of the Medical Aid Fund.

Amelia then had to buy the dressings herself and do all the wound care herself.

However, the wound condition on the 8th looked impressive, as shown in Figure 6.

After just 5 days of proper exposure to the MySpace, we could see that the outside of the wound look remarkably better.

Figure 7. The Setback

However, on the 14th of August, there had been a setback, and the wound had started to deteriorate again – Figure 7.

Upon careful investigation it was discovered that Chris’ medication had already run out on the 9th of August, and his prescription had not been renewed. He had been without medication for 5 days.

We suspected that the S. Aureus bug had in the meantime developed a greater resistance to the antibiotics. We also discovered that Cloxin was not indicated for the S. Aureus bacteria in any case!

Figure 8. 16th of August 2017

Chris went back to the Dr and renewed his prescription of 1000mg Cloxin 3x daily. However, it seemed as if the infection had regressed almost back to where it was – Figure 8.

By the 16th of August it became clear that urgent alternatives needed to be considered.

On the 19th of August the Dr increased the dosage of the Cloxin from 1000mg 3x per day to 1500mg Cloxin 3x per day.

However, by then it was clear that there was a drastic increase in necrotic tissues and surgical intervention would be needed.

In Figures 9, 10 and 11 rapid deterioration is visible and dangerous, and intervention could not be delayed.

We approached outside Drs for an opinion and we were referred to Dr Willi Sieling from Netcare Pretoria East who specialized in infectious diseases. Chris contacted him for an appointment on the 5th of September 2017.

Dr Sieling recommended surgical intervention and he insisted that Chris should be hospitalized on Monday the 11th September 2017 for specialized care and surgery. He was to be hospitalized for 2 weeks.

The wound continued to deteriorate rapidly despite the high doses of Antibiotics until Chris was admitted to the Netcare hospital.

During the first week Chris received massive doses of Antibiotics intravenously, with a daily blood test to determine the effects of the Antibiotics on the S. Aureus bacteria.

When the infection was under control, surgery took place. A debridement was done, and simultaneously a muscle tissue flap was removed from the stomach and inserted into the chest where the debridement had removed infected tissue.

This stomach muscle flap procedure was done by Dr van Heerden who is a plastic surgeon.

Then Chris remained in hospital under strict care in the ICU until the wound had healed. He was discharged once the Drs were certain that there were no further risks of infection.

The last photos of Chris’ infected wound just prior to admission to hospital, show the continued increase of necrotic tissue.

On Friday the 15th of September the operation was done and lasted 7 hours. Chris was kept in the ICU until the 25th September and moved to an ordinary ward.

He was discharged on the 28th of September. Chris confirmed that he had also stopped smoking, which he regards as a personal triumph, and had no intent of ever smoking again.

Figures 15,16 & 17 shows how healing had progressed after being discharged after both operating occassions.

14th of August, before Chris was discharged, tests determined that he still had the Staphylococcus Aureus bug in his system and therefore was prescribed a six months renewable prescription for antibiotics, the infection did however seem to be under control – Figure 17.

He is also back on the Cannabis treatment to aid with treating inflammation and pain management.

Chris is currently back at work and seems to be coping well, but does tire easily.

The Influence of the Myspace Hydroxyl Generator:

To illustrate the contribution of the MySpace Hydroxyl Generator, we first need to understand what the MySpace does.

  • Hydroxyls are a part of the group of free Radicals which include Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone and Superoxide.
  • Hydroxyls are generated by UVC light that converts the moisture in the atmosphere into Hydroxyls.
  • Hydroxyls are extremely reactive due to their tendency to rob other chemicals of their electrons because the Hydroxyls having an unpaired electron.
  • Hydroxyls destroys all viruses, bacteria and moulds. It also destroys VOC’s, odours and other pollutants such as smoke.
  • Hydroxyls are nature’s way of cleaning and sterilizing the atmosphere, and is totally safe for human and animals.
  • All other radicals are either toxic or corrosive and are dangerous to humans. They also turn moisture into compounds such as nitric acid or have by-products such as formaldehyde.

Therefore, using Ozone generators, Ionizers and other air purifiers carry serious health risks even though the manufacturers of these devices may claim otherwise.

The OHair MySpace Hydroxyls Generator uses a UVC source to convert the ambient moisture into Hydroxyls, and Hydroxyls are generated provided that the UVC light source continues to operate.

Because the Hydroxyls cause a cascade effect, i.e. Hydroxyls that create Hydroxyls that create Hydroxyls, etc., it is not vital that all the air volume of a room needs to pass through the unit to be purified.

The cascade effect also means that hidden corners can also be penetrated and sterilized.

With reference to Chris’ situation, the MySpace purified the air in his home with Hydroxyls and prevented any kind of germ or pathogen to infect or contaminate his wound.

In addition, the Hydroxyls also penetrated the Omnifix dressing as indicated by Figures 5 & 6 due to its lethal action against all kinds of germs, including the dreaded MRSA infection.

We need to bear in mind that there were factors that led to the setbacks that is indicated in Figure 7 and onwards until Chris’ surgery:
a. The Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria is not only on a wound surface, but also in the bloodstream, where the Hydroxyls are not found.
b. The Antibiotics that Chris was prescribed was NOT indicated for the treatment of drug resistant MRSA.
c. Chris was without any Antibiotic treatment for 5 days, which gave the S. Aureus to develop resistance to the Cloxin
d. By the time Antibiotic treatment was resumed, necrotic tissue had already increased to the point where surgery was inevitable as shown by Figures 7-14.

Despite all these setbacks, the MySpace had nevertheless had provided some great benefits to the Moolman and their quality of life:
– The first effect that Chris noticed was that all unpleasant and offensive odours that had seriously detracted from everybody’s quality of life, had disappeared.
– Even though the S. Aureus infection was in Chris’ blood and in the infected wound, the wound had started to show improvement as soon as the Hydroxyls could penetrate the dressing and start to sterilize the wound surface.
– The Hydroxyls action was so effective that even though the wound was right under Chris’ nose, he could not smell it.
– Even though the Myspace had stood in Chris’ room, the effects of the Hydroxyls removed the smells from the whole house and effects were even discernable on the porch on the outside of the house.

The OHair MySpace Hydroxyls Generator claims to destroy odours and VOC’s, Influenza, Mould, E.Coli, Staphylococcus and all other viruses and bacteria.

The claims to the destruction of odours and germs, and specifically the S. Aureus bug was amply demonstrated by MySpace.

Authors details available on request.