Darwin's only ACWWA certified aircon cleaner.

ACWWA Hygienically Cleaned Seal

Certified Quality

Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA)

The Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA) is an association for the rapidly emerging industry of ductless air conditioner cleaning.

ACCWA's charter is to establish nationally recognizable minimum standards of customer service, equipment, chemicals and experience.

To become Certified we had to meet all of their requirements as a minimum, and that we did.   

What does this mean for you?

Our water pressure machines are class leading.

Products are non-corrosive & environmentally friendly.

Comply with ACWWA guidelines, everytime.

Return every aircon to 'as new' hygiene quality, everytime.

We've been servicing Darwin since 2013.

Sanitising aircons is what we do.